We believe that your home should be the center of a life that only you can define.

We are designing our lives. It’s not our parents’ life. We want our lives to be fun, quirky, exciting and rewarding. It’s our journey and we’re going to do it our way. And this exceptional journey comes together in this place we call home. And for us, home has changed.

“Home” is your first real apartment or a small but charming starter house. Home is Skyping Mom from across the country. Home is a Friendsgiving potluck. Home is where we can really be ourselves – healthy, free, vibrant, creative and playful.

Things aren’t quite like they used to be. And we embrace it. It’s why we design products with a fresh perspective that are smarter, healthier and more original – just like you.

We’re helping you with the menu too! Our Everyday Epicurist™ site is designed to provide tasty recipes and resources to help you become the foodie you aspire to be.